July 30, 2020

Welcome to the TBP Blog!

Hello & welcome to the TBP Blog!

When I started Taylor Brown Photography, I always thought how fun it would be to start a blog. Since I hardly had any content, or time for that matter, it was a fleeting thought with no real substance or desire behind it. I was a full-time working wife and mom who felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day for her photography hobby, let alone a blog. Fast forward to May of 2021. I had recently moved to Savannah, GA (which in and of itself was a dream come true) and left the lifeless full-time corporate job I wanted to quit so badly for so long. I finally had more time to spend with my baby daughter and pursue photography full-time.

Photography started as a creative release for me. I thought I’d take photos for family and friends here and there, but I found myself crazily building a business in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. I’ve been overwhelmed with the success and the growth I’ve experienced in both my business and my personal life throughout this journey, and I’m so thankful to every single client, family member, and friend that has stepped foot in front of my camera. Each shutter click has helped me find my identity as a creative – a bright and natural photographer who captures love in a timeless, authentic way. I’m so excited to continue learning, growing, and creating in this new season of life with photography at the forefront.

I remember joking with my family and friends when I stopped working my corporate job that I was going to start a blog with all of my free time. And while I still don’t feel like I have the abundance of time I thought I needed or would have (joke’s on me!), I finally feel like I have the the content and the heart to do it. So here it is….the Taylor Brown Photography blog. A little space on the internet where I can share my heart for photography, tips and tricks for beginner photogs, a little bit about my life, and everything in between.

Thanks for being here and for reading along as I build my dream life as a wife, a mom, and a photographer in Savannah, GA!

– Taylor