September 30, 2021

Anna + Brian’s Beach Proposal

You know when you read a story or an article and you wonder if its real? That’s honestly how I feel every single time I think back on Anna and Brian’s proposal. This was one of my first projects when I moved to Savannah and man is it a story to tell. The proposal definitely didn’t go as planned, but that didn’t make it any less perfect. It’s a part of their story – and a pretty magical one at that!

Anna had been following me on Instagram for a little while and reached out to me to book a couples session with her boyfriend, Brian. I was new to the area and so excited to photograph a beach session (coming from Colorado, beaches were a little hard to come by, haha) with this cute couple! A few days later, Brian pulled the ultimate surprise proposal move and reached out to me to let me know he wanted to pop the question to Anna during the session. Proposals are one of my favorite things to shoot, so obviously I was completely here for it. We worked out the details and waited for the day to come.

The evening of their session came and it was the epitome of the perfect day at Tybee. There was just enough cloud cover mixed with the perfect amount of sunshine to create a watercolor sunset, the breeze was cool and steady, and the beach was surprisingly not crowded. Anna and Brian arrived looking totally photo-ready in the perfect coordinated, casual outfits. I posed them for a few photos to really set the tone that we were just there for couples photos….no surprise proposal business going on at all (wink, wink).

After a few posed shots, I led them down to the shoreline where the surf met the sand. I prompted Anna to turn and look out at the water, quickly got set, and gave Brian the “go-ahead” nod. Anna stood for a second, a bit confused why I wasn’t giving more direction, before she finally turned around and saw Brian on one knee. She was shocked, and you could literally feel the elation and excitement as she said yes to forever!

Next is where things took a heartbreaking turn, but only temporarily. Brian stood up to give Anna a hug and her beautiful ring slipped out of the box and into the water. My heart sank as I realized what happened. All three of us started pacing the shoreline, hoping to see a little glimmer of the diamond ring. Some sweet locals joined in and called a friend with a metal detector who said he’d bring it to help look too. We searched for almost an hour until there was no more daylight, but there was no sign of the ring. I was crushed for them.

I drove home that night with a pit in my stomach because I knew the chances of the ring being found were so small, and my heart truly ached for them. This was supposed to be a perfect day with so much happiness and the ocean had just swallowed all of it whole. I saw that night that Anna posted about her lost ring on some of the local Tybee Island facebook groups. Tons of people saw it and commented and shared the post. The local news outlets got ahold of it and wrote articles. It seemed like everyone knew about their story! The next evening, Anna posted that her ring had been FOUND! A man named Mr. Foy had used the proposal photo from the news to nail down the area where the ring fell in and used his metal detector to find it a few inches below the surface, right where the surf met the sand.

Y’all, I don’t know if you believe in God or in miracles, but I believe God had his hands ALL OVER this one. An engagement ring being pulled from the ocean 24 hours after it was dropped?! I mean come on! Its completely surreal and such a miracle. I’m still, to this day, so happy that Anna and Brian got the happy ending that their beautiful love story so completely deserved. This story was a whirlwind for me as a photographer, especially being so new to the area, but I’m thankful for it. And I’m so glad I was able to capture photos of the moment for Anna and Brian to look back on for years.

Thank God for love stories, happy endings, and miracles.

– Taylor

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