October 7, 2021

Portraits in Savannah: Five Places to Capture All The Southern Vibes

It’s no secret that I’m pretty much obsessed with Savannah. Even before I moved here, I was so taken by the character and beauty the city has. I remember visiting Cody’s family in November of 2019 (a little over a year before we moved) and being so adamant that we would take family portraits in Savannah because I just loved it. I always joke that you could drop me on any random street corner in the Historic District and I could make photo magic because the city is JUST that gorgeous! If you’re looking to have photos done in Savannah, there are so many options for where to take them. Here’s 5 of my favorite photo spots around Savannah that capture all the southern vibes.

special thanks to Lacie with Southern Lens Photography for our family portraits!

  1. Forsyth Park

This park is probably one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Savannah, and for good reason. Its gorgeous! Forsyth Park is one of my favorite photo locations because the park has so many beautiful features. You really get the most bang for your proverbial buck here with the variety of backgrounds you get in this one location. The fountain, the oak trees and the fragrant garden (just to name a few) are all located within the park and will give your photos tons of variety without having to go to multiple different places.

2. Monterey Square

Just one block up from Forsyth Park, Monterey Square is another one of my favorites. The light hits this square so perfectly in the evenings and makes for the most beautiful portraits. Across the street is Raskin Antiques, which boasts these gorgeous steps that are a favorite of mine for wedding days.

3. Lafayette Square

Steps from the famous Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is another quaint square with the cutest teal fountain. This spot has beautiful oak trees and the light always seems to peek through just right. One of my clients had the sweetest vow renewal on the steps of the cathedral and then we moved over to the square for some anniversary portraits!.

4. Wormsloe Historic Site

The oak-lined drive is such a show stopper and truly the most perfect backdrop for photos. Each time I shoot here my heart just swoons! I always try to plan my shoots here around opening or closing times because I love getting a shot with the beautiful front gate!

5. Isle of Hope

I think this spot gets overlooked a lot, but it really is so pretty. The trees along Bluff Drive are magnificently beautiful, and its right on the water! If you’re looking for marsh views combined with Southern architecture and mossy oak trees, look no further!